Neeftup, the 1st NFT of all meetups

Neeftup is the first free and exclusively collectable IRL NFT collection.

Objective: The project consists in delivering the same NFT to all participants of meetups or any other IRL events. These have as their theme crypto and take place around the world during the same month.

Each month, we collaborate with an artist or any entity that wishes to promote it through this channel. Everything is free in order to promote NFT technology🙂

For the moment NEEFTUP will be distributed to meetups taking place in Strasbourg, Paris and Switzerland. Meetups taking place in Toulouse and Barcelona are expected to follow. And the organizers and participants will be able to have the privilege of recovering the NFT.

For the month of December, the Neeftup was made in collaboration with Benjamin Spark, rare top seller, you can discover it via his website   or his rare shop 

History of Neeftup

1st cryptopinte

The 1st Neeftup formerly Cryptopinte

It all started in Strasbourg where since 2019, a group of cryptocurrency aficionados had gotten into the habit of meeting every first Wednesday of the month. Discussions could focus on anything directly or indirectly related to cryptocurrency. A large part of them were not familiar with NFTs which for the moment remain a niche in this vast world of the cryptosphere.

In order to introduce the technology to the rest of the group, Joy DeFi Boy   decided to create an NFT via the POAP platform and distribute it.

The participants having taken in the game, each month the action made repeat.

Technically how does it work?

Neeftup builds its collection using POAP “The Bookmarks of Your Life” technology. They allow anyone to retrieve NFTs for free. The NFTs will be on Ethereum and more precisely on the xdai sidechain.

In order for a person to be able to retrieve an NFT during an event, they must first download the POAP application from the app store or android. Once done, she will scan the QR Code which will only be available in events via the neeftup ambassador.
Once the QR code has been scanned, all you have to do is enter your Ethereum address to be able to retrieve the work of art.


For the month of December, the Qr Code of the NFT will be accessible during the events which will take place from December 1st to December 31st. The NFT will be mintable until January 8.

neeftup formerly cryptopinte


Collaboration with artists

In order to be able to offer quality NFTs, collaboration with artists became obvious. The first of them was for the NFT of October or the Strasbourg artist Cryptoplant’art. He put his talents to the design of the NFT of the month of October

NFT produced by cryptoplant'art

NFT made by cryptoplant’art for Neeftup

This month we are collaborating with Benjamin Spark. And we are looking for an artist from all over the world who would be willing to collaborate on the project.

Partner of Neeftup

NFT France which is the first French media on the subject of NFT was the first partner of NEEFTUP. Followed by NFT Paris , event organizer whose next one will take place at Station F in Paris on January 22, 2222. And Crypto Bubulle, famous blogger and miner has also joined the team.
If you are a meetup organizer, a venue owner hosting crypto / NFT events or just a participant, feel free to become a Neeftup Ambassador.


Once the network of events has been created, it will then be possible for us to establish a map of crypto / NFT friendly establishments.
Establish partnerships with these establishments in order to take advantage of exceptional offers to the holder of Neeftup.
Contests and exclusive gifts for Neeftup holders.

Have you read this far? Do you have some free time to devote to including digital art in IRL meetings?
So join our discord   🙂




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